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At the end of WW1 many of the veterans who returned home were simple commoners. In order to help them re-adjust, the Australian government handed them lands in Western Australia, often in marginal areas.

Then the great depression hit, and these farmers were encouraged to increase their wheat crops, with the government promising—and failing to deliver—assistance in the form of subsidies. In spite of the recommendations and the promised subsidies, wheat prices continued to fall, and by October 1932 matters were becoming intense, with the farmers preparing to harvest the season’s crop while simultaneously threatening to refuse to deliver the wheat.

Then came the emus. 20,000 of them, to be exact. The emus consumed and spoiled the crops, and so the farmers, as trained soldiers, decided to shoot.

Now it’s the time for you to fight the flightless birds. Prepare for a crisis you will never forget.

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