HolyLandMUN is Israel’s only international high-school MUN conference

HolyLandMUN History

HolyLandMUN is Israel’s only international high-school MUN conference. Located in Akko (Acre) in the beautiful northern part of Israel, it offers a great view to Israel’s marvelous beaches. After being a University Conference for 4 years (2014-2017), HolyLandMUN was transformed to its current iteration as a high-school conference in 2019, with the aim of presenting delegates worldwide with a truly international summer experience.
Our vision is to allow members of the MUN community to develop their skills in the best way possible. We offer committees that are suited for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced) in various sizes, so that you could choose the one that is right for your MUN development. Moreover, we believe that collaborating and sharing ideas with fellow MUNers from different parts of the world goes a long way in improving MUN abilities; therefore, all levels of the conference consist of students from across the globe.
This 3-day conference is more than just your average Model UN: with our amazing committees and unique socials, this conference truly is incredible learning, competitive and social experience.

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